Debut LP 'Running' Out Now


The defining feature of Ryan Downey’s music is his voice; a jaw-dropping amalgamation of Leonard Cohen and a spirited Bill Callahan by way of a mid-century crooner. Running is a glorious and perfectly constructed 21st century folk gem, and not a note detracts from Downey’s rich baritone as he sings a song cycle of humour and pathos, self-analysis, sex, love and modern life. 

Deftly plucked nylon string guitar, mesmerizing baritone, pitter-patter electric beats, electric guitar flourishes and rich synths; Downey has created a musical world unlike any that you’ve heard. This is as close to emotional and musical perfection as you’re likely to hear on a record this year.

Produced by Steve Hassett (Luluc) and recorded in both New York and Melbourne, Running reveals Ryan Downey as a timeless talent. An incredible debut from an artist capable of balancing cheek and sincerity, classicism and swagger and grandeur and restraint all within a single, composed breath.

Ryan has just finished a national tour supporting Sarah Blasko, as well as his own album launch shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Upcoming tour dates below.

Running is out now via Barely Dressed Records.

"Downey's seductive baritone can melt steel beams, so it will turn your knees to butter, guaranteed - ★★★★1/2" - The Music

"Ryan Downey plays by his own rules on 'Running' - a completely compelling debut." - Happy Mag

“Melbourne musician Ryan Downey’s debut LP Running could be one of the most unique sounding records this year. Downey doesn’t seek to emulate any particular musical genre, rather blending pop, rock and folk elements to create a unique style of his own.” - Beat

"There aren't very many artists who defy expectation, but Ryan Downey is one of those people" - Henry Wagons, Double J

“Delicately controlled so as to never detract from that rich, honeyed baritone.” - Tone Deaf

"One of Australia's most exciting new singers" - Broadsheet

"Old-fashioned yet contemporary, solemn yet humorous, Ryan Downey alludes classification. But what we do know, if that he's one of the finest singer-songwriters we've heard in a while." - Happy Mag

"The Voice of Bigsound 2016" - The Music

"An incredibly deep and rich voice that draws comparisons to those of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave...a serious and sombre presence with a wry delivery, Downey’s songs are finely crafted and nuanced works of art. An intriguing talent to keep an eye on." - Xpress Magazine

"Ryan Downey brought his impossibly lush vocals to life with tracks like Techno Dolls, Running and Renewed. The resonance of his baritone is so unusually rich it's hypnotic." - Amnplify (supporting Sarah Blasko, Canberra Theatre 2018)

"A live performance that leaves you lost for words". - Tonedeaf

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Photo by Linda Dunjey

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